Friday, October 1, 2010

Abner Dog

One year ago this week Adam and I found a picture on the Wayside Waifs website of a puppy named Roo.  Adam always says that I just turned and looked at him and said, "Rooooooooo!" He knew then that this puppy would be joining our little family.

I look back at pictures of when we got him and I can't believe how different he looks now. He still has his adorable under-bite and snaggletooth (those might be qualities only his parents would love), but he is rockin' his mullet a little more these days and he has put on a couple lbs since then. I'm not sure that his Halloween costume or Thanksgiving sweater are going to fit this year.

Halloween 2009 

Thanksgiving 2009

He may come running full speed into our room and jump directly on my head to wake me up with a cold sneeze in the face every single morning, but I can't imagine a better alarm clock. When I finally uncover my face from the comforter I use as a shield every morning, he is always there staring back at me from under his crazy eyebrow hairs with a look that just says, "Hi mom." with his tail wagging. 

Here is to one great year with Abner William Roo Brown Higgins (Abner for his old man face and Abner Doubleday, the inventor of baseball, William for Willie the Wildcat, Roo so he doesn't forget his roots, and Brown Higgins because we weren't married or engaged yet and I felt it was important to get my name in there too) and to many many more years (at least 20 if I have anything to do with it).

P.S. As I'm writing this, Abner is chewing on his own foot. You can't always get the full package of brains and looks.