Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So even though we don't get to do any of the fun stuff first, a girl can dream way in advance right? This is the first time I have gotten to take complete control of decorating a whole house. I'm so use to living in an apartment where you can paint, if anything, just one wall and put holes in the walls only if you are willing to putty them before you leave. The thought of getting my hands on a whole house is a little overwhelming. I started googling other kitchens and living rooms to see if I could streamline my ideas or at least my likes. Here is what I've found so far that I like:

I love this look for our 2 freestanding walls in the kitchen. I can just picture a white farm table with yellow painted chairs.

And I've been dreaming about these yellow cabinet knobs ever since I first found this picture. I think they would be a great accent with the yellow chairs. I'm also obsessed with this celery/lime green color. When we registered for our wedding, I registered for a yellow and green kitchen that I felt existed in my future.

The living room I'm drawing a blank on. In the picture below I love the coffee table and the number 2 throw pillow, but I feel like the beige walls don't have enough "spice" for me. I do like the contrasting dark brown wall in the second picture below though. I'm worried about making our house a box of Skittles by painting every room a different color.

What I have discovered through all of this is that I am obsessed with Country Living magazine and can't wait to get my first month's subscription in the mail!

Check and check.

That title is both figurative and literal. We get to check off that we have had the inspection and started loan paper work, but we have also gotten to write two hefty checks.

We are thankful that the inspection didn't find any deal breakers, well for us at least (we still have to make it through a FHA appraisal). What we did discover through the inspection is that Adam and my list of priorities have changed from paint and matching appliances to insulation, sliding doors, windows, an electrical check, and a furnace cleaning.

So, if you come visit us the first year we are in our house... no judging on looks just appreciate how climate controlled you are. : )

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Important Dates

March 13, 2008 - Our first date.
November 13, 2009 - The night we got engaged.
July 3, 2010 - Our wedding.
October 22, 2010 - The closing date on our first home.

We found a house. Not just any house but our first home. It is a short sale, which by the name you would think it would be fast and quick, however it is quite the opposite. Instead it is the most drawn out painful experience that plays with your emotions and patience. 

We would like to introduce our 4 bed/2 bath/ 2 car house we are trying to adopt...

After some ups and downs of bidding wars and waiting we finally found out yesterday that the bank accepted our offer (kind of... our offer plus $49). We are so ecstatic that this house we have been painting and renovating in our heads for the past couple weeks is one step closer to being ours. 

Along with an additional $49, the bank listed a closing date of "on or before Oct. 22". Eek! That is less than 29 days from the date we received the acceptance paperwork. We've been told it will be tight, but that we should be able to do it... if the house passes the FHA inspection. Good thing I finally found my favorite pumpkin ale to get me through the next week! Sweet liquid pumpkin pie to distract me. Do you think I can bring it with me when our inspector tells us everything that is wrong with our house?

Step one for a speedy close: Inspection - 12:45 Monday... check.