Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Copy Craft

My friend Raegen introduced me to her Aunt's blog and I'm obsessed. This woman lives my dream life. She started by just making amazing handmade cards as a hobby and now her job is to blog about her craft projects. She truly gets paid to do what she loves. She even has a stamp collection made from her handwriting!

Here is the link to her blog if your interested in checking it out. Dawn McVey

I was scrolling through her blog when I found a fun craft project I wanted to make for all the women in my life for Christmas. Being that it was an accessory, it was right up my alley. I love anything you can use on multiple things! Here is her original post.

I don't have all the supplies she has in her arsenal (someday I hope I do!), so here is my adaptation of the pin.

Here are all the supplies I used. I don't have a die cut, so I used a stencil to trace the flower shape and individually cut it out. After looking at her original post again, I like the 3 layers and will have to see if I can find a stencil for that (or invest in a die cut).

I found lots of fun colors and prints in felt. I even found felt that had a texture to it.

I traced the stencil on the felt and cut out the individual flowers. I then took a coordinating button and hand sewed through the layers. After that, I cut out a rectangle of the felt that matched the bottom layer of the flower and used hot glue to attach a safety pin to the back. I covered the hot glue with the rectangle of felt.

Here are my creations:

I ended up using the pins to decorate the recipient's Christmas presents. (Please notice the crafty handmade pin placed next to the $0.10 stick on bows. Isn't that a coordinating classy look?)

Hopefully as my craft room is put together in the house (its supplies are currently residing in 3 other rooms), my craft projects will grow. I'm hoping to tackle some furniture refinishing, surface distressing, and a mason jar soap dispenser eventually. Maybe if I consider painting the guest room a craft, I'll be more excited to finish it too!

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